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Springcliff Farm

Zip Lord,
By Lord Nelson out of Zippy Ki Yay


Our Lord Nelson (Zip Lord) will soon be shipped to Kentucky to join Destin Heath Racing  at Blackwood Farm to get broke and start his racing career.  This was not a difficult decision with his pedigree, conformation and looks.  By Lord Nelson out of Zippy ki Yay

 This handsome LORD is an Indiana Bred which makes him eligible for the Indiana incentive programs, but also has the pedigree that should take him outside the state lines.

What an opportunity to create extraordinary memories for family and friends, impress business associates with an experience they won't soon forget.  Not only can you watch this horse train in the Bluegrass Country but watch him run in our own backyard at Horse Shoe Indianapolis  in Shelbyville. 

Partnerships are now being offered, we have sold a few.  If you would like to join us on this exciting adventure please call  502-680-6385.  Please leave a message!

Stay tuned for more information and photos.  Updates will be posted

lord nelson colt4 23.jpg
funny cat flying. photo of a playful tab

Zip Lord has arrived at Blackwood!  Stay tuned for up dates

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